Roster, Schedule, Scores, Statistics, Standings

Easily manage your team roster, add games and practices to your schedule, enter in scores from games, and more. The system automatically calculates statistics, puts player stats and game logs on the individual player pages, and more. Parents and fans see upcoming events for any team they are following regardless of which team site they are on...a godsend for families with more than one player on more than one team.

Team Communication

When you post updates you can also email it to all of your parents or all of your players. Set automatic game reminders to go out the day before, or have players confirm they are coming with one click in an email.

Easy Photo Sharing

By default all invited family members or players can upload pictures from their computer or smart phone to share with other family members. The game is automatically tagged based on the picture's time, and once uploaded you can select one or more players from the team roster to tag them and add it to that player's gallery.

Simple User Permissions

Everybody sees only what they are supposed to. Each item you post has a permission, whether it is intended for parents, players, coaches, or the public. Each person has one level of permission for each team based on what they were invited to do. Through a single registration for all teams they are involved in, it is easy for everybody to see everything they should and nothing they shouldn't without wasting any time thinking about settings.

Android and iOS Apps

Everything about the team sites is automatically mobile friendly, making viewing and editing and uploading to the site easy from any device,  but our Android and iOS to make it even easier to manage, follow, and share.

In Game Scorebook, Live Updates, and Advanced Analytics

We have a long list of cool features we are working on, and our favorite will be to allow you to put away the pencil and paper, and track games via our App. Everything updates in real time, and you can generate the same old fashioned score sheet to print.

Based on this game data, coaches can see amazing analysis of players to help improve strategy, training, and approach.

And Lots More

And lots more is coming as we become the easiest and most powerful platform for managing and following a team.

Premium League Features

Leagues and Travel Teams can use our system to create a league site, create team sites for each team, manage a player pool and assign players to teams, track scores, standings, statistics, and much more. Please contact us for additional information at