Privacy Policy

Our entire system has been built around privacy, and restricting access to photos, videos, and information only to the properly authorized individuals.

We built MyBallclub from the ground up to give much greater control of privacy than other sharing methods, and to empower parents to confidently share photos of their children with the people they want, without needing to worry about complex settings or things being publicly accessible. We welcome questions or feedback at any time.

The information your provide during registration including Name, Email, Year Born, and ZIP Code is used exclusively by MyBallclub to deliver the best experience for you.

Your information will never be sold or shared with anyone for use outside of MyBallclub.

We use your Year Born to limit information collected from children 12 and under. Children 12 and under cannot register for MyBallclub, and we collect no information from children 12 and under.

You control the access settings of any message or picture you add to MyBallclub. Photos you upload to a team site will be available to those authorized to access that team site, usually including parents of teammates. If a player is tagged in a photo then this photo also becomes accessible specifically by people the parent of that player has explicitly authorized to view photos of the player.

We use your Year Born, ZIP, and sports you follow to make sure any of our partner promotions are relevant to you, but at no point is your name or email or information ever shared with any of our partners without your specific approval.  We would prefer not to show a special youth softball bat discount to a college football star, or an announcement for a Georgia golf tournament to a Colorado soccer player.

Updated: 08/27/2019